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Find out where your Cash Management stands in comparison to the Benchmarks of the Best Performers.

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Cash Management Benchmarks in CEE

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Peak Performance Through Benchmarking

Finance Tuner® supports finance managers with a unique benchmarking system. With this system, they are able to compare the level of costs and the performance of their Cash Management with the best companies in their market segment. With the Potential Analysis, within a day they are able to identify those areas where unrealized potential performance improvements lie dormant:

  • Bank Conditions, Automation
  • Payments, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Management
  • Interest Optimizing Funds Management
  • Group Cash Management
  • Real Estate Leasing
  • Insurance and Risk Management

During the subsequent FinanceTuning, we work together to transform the identified potential performance improvements into measurable results – and all this in a minimum time period. FinanceTuning can be conducted at any time and does not require any intensive project management. We are motivated to produce immediate results for you since our compensation is based solely on success. Finance Tuner® alone bears the time and cost risks.

Your Advantage: Guaranteed Success Without Cost And Time Risks

Only 3 Steps to the Goal

  1. Benchmark Quick Check: This shows immediately whether there is any benefit to FinanceTuning.
  2. Potential Analysis: This one-day Cash Management Benchmarking illuminates in detail all of the optimization possibilities, evaluates the probability of success and indicates the necessary implementation steps to you.
  3. Joint Implementation: We provide you with active support in order for you to realize the benefits in the shortest time possible.
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You would like to know whether you are among the Best? FinanceTuner® shows you exactly where optimization possibilities exist for you to improve your financial results.

Roland Kraus Senior FinanceTuner

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