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Find out where your Cash Management stands in comparison to the Benchmarks of the Best Performers.

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Cash Management Benchmarks in CEE

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Welcome to the Benchmark Quick Check

The Quick Check is based on practical Benchmarks. With a few key check figures, it shows you immediately whether Finance Tuning is worth pursuing in your organization. There are no obligations and all data remains 100% under your control. Send a request now for the check list! You can then fill in the checklist offline on your own PC. It will then be evaluated immediately by us and you will receive our feedback within a very short time. If necessary, we stand ready to clarify all of your detailed questions in an initial personal meeting.

Note to the Right: Your contact data will be handled confidentially and only used for the correspondence between you and FinanceTuner®!

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You would like to know whether you are among the Best? FinanceTuner® shows you exactly where optimization possibilities exist for you to improve your financial results.

Roland Kraus Senior FinanceTuner

Current Success Story

UPC Telekabel

By optimizing the domestic and international payments system as well as the interest-optimizing funds placement, this Austrian subsidiary achieved unexpectedly large savings. Currently, Cash Management Benchmarking is being carried out for many of the subsidiaries in CEE and Western Europe.

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