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Cash Management Benchmarks in CEE

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Corporate FinanceTuning

Corporations with subsidiaries profit especially from the market driven benchmarks of FinanceTuner®. As a first step, a short test of potential gains is carried out by Corporate Finance/Treasury in the subsidiaries (CEE and Western Europe).

Based on the international Benchmarking-Database of the FinanceTuner®, the potential benefits of each country are immediately recognizable without the need for a time-consuming or expensive analysis being conducted at the subsidiary level. If sufficient potential gains have been identified, FinanceTuning is conducted and implemented together with the Chief Financial Officer of the subsidiary. By means of an annual Benchmark-Update, the high standard can be maintained indefinitely.

Your Benefit: sustained top results within the Group!

Does Finance Tuner® also increase my performance?


You would like to know whether you are among the Best? FinanceTuner® shows you exactly where optimization possibilities exist for you to improve your financial results.

Roland Kraus Senior FinanceTuner

Current Success Story

UPC Telekabel

By optimizing the domestic and international payments system as well as the interest-optimizing funds placement, this Austrian subsidiary achieved unexpectedly large savings. Currently, Cash Management Benchmarking is being carried out for many of the subsidiaries in CEE and Western Europe.

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